Woman latest victim of coyote attack in Scarborough neighbourhood


It’s getting coyote ugly for residents of a Scarborough neighbourhood.

Since last Tuesday’s mauling attack of 10-year-old Lily Kwan and her little rescue Yorkie dog, Macy, a fearless coyote has been stalking and chasing neighbours, especially around dusk and dawn.

Ruihua “Audrey” Liu was setting out for a walk at 7:20 a.m. Monday on Chestnut Cres. — in the Birchmount Rd.-St. Clair Ave. E. area — when she felt a tug at the back of her pant leg while stopping to check out flowers at the bottom of her front lawn.

An unabashed coyote sauntered up behind her along the sidewalk — the incident was l captured on her front door video camera — and started snapping at a frightened Liu’s pants and ankles.

“When I turned around, I was so scared,” said Liu, who fell onto her lawn.

“I was scared and shocked, and then I was shouting at him,” recalled Liu. “Then I was shouting for help and waving my arms in the air at it.”

A neighbour chased off the coyote with a large stick.

Ten minutes later, the animal snuck up on Shahzeen Jiwani, who was out walking her six-month-old Golden Doodle pup, Momo, on nearby Pidgeon St.

“My pup was behind me, and I was wondering, ‘Why isn’t he coming,’” said Jiwani. “I tried to pull (the leash) and I looked behind and the coyote and pup were beside each other.”

Jiwani grabbed Momo and ran off screaming. Luckily, a neighbour waved her into an open garage, and they frightened the coyote off.

Dorothy Kwan said she’s worried about the safety of her daughter, who is now terrified to venture outdoors, as Macy recuperates from her vet surgery after being mauled and bitten on her back.

A Global TV news crew interviewing Kwan’s daughter last week caught the tail end of a man on a scooter being chased for several blocks by the coyote before jumping on a parked car to safety.