This $8.5 million home near Toronto has bulletproof windows and high-tech finishes


It's not often that we describe a house as "bougie" but 2048 Ardleigh Rd. in Oakville is so extra that it's hard not to think of this house in the same category as designer handbags and Whole Foods. 

This five-bedroom, seven-bathroom home is nothing if not over-the-top and filled to the brim with luxury extras. 

"Renowned builder Zamani Homes and cutting-edge designer Bijan Zamani collaborated to actualize a minimal, contemporary aesthetic while maintaining a rich, warm atmosphere," wrote listing agent Peter Torkan. 

The modern home is stunning with dramatic oversized windows, an open floor plan, soaring 23-foot ceilings, and statement slabs of stone in the kitchen and bathrooms.

The fireplace is something else. It's three-sided, with 16 different flame options and colors.

According to Torkan, this fireplace was a custom order for this house and cost more than $50,000.

But what really sells the house are the details you might not even notice.

For example, the windows and doors are imported from Belgium and have triple-glaze bulletproof glass.

Why you'd need bulletproof glass in Oakville of all place is suspicious, but still a cool flex.

The home, which boasts over 6,000 square feet of living space, also has more tech than an Apple store.

You'll find things like a biometric fingerprint reader and vault locking system on the front door, full home automation, smart lighting, Smart Glass in the spa that lets you turn it from see-through to matte for privacy, and oh, so much more.