Scarborough residents raise alarm over increased coyote sightings after recent dog attack


Residents in a Scarborough neighbourhood are voicing concerns around increased coyote sightings, just days after a six-year-old Yorkshire Terrier was injured in an attack.

Ten-year-old Lily Kwan had taken her dog, Macy, for a walk Tuesday morning near St. Claire and Warden avenues, when a the coyote approached her and the dog.

“I was walking Macy in the morning and I was just at the park and I saw this coyote walking up to us. … I panicked,” she said.

“I tried to pull my dog over to me to try and pick her up but I thought that wasn’t a good idea because the coyote might jump on me and maybe, I would probably be in the hospital too.”

Kwan said she believed her dog was trying to protect her from the wild animal.

The attack was caught on home security video and shows Kwan running away from the coyote. The wild animal can be seen lunging towards the Yorkie as she attempts to defend herself.

Kwan is heard in the video screaming for help and at one point the coyote is seen holding the Yorkie in its mouth.

Kwan’s mother, Dorothy Kwan, said the dog was taken to an animal hospital to be treated for her wounds and a GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay for the dog’s medical bills.

Dorothy said many residents in the area feel unsafe because of the increased coyote sightings.

“I would have never thought that we wouldn’t be able to feel safe walking in our own neighbourhood,” she said.