Lineup for Scarborough pop-up vaccine clinic wraps around football field 4 times


A pop-up vaccine clinic that opened in Scarborough Thursday morning saw so many people show up to try and get their first dose that the lineup actually looped around a football field four times before 8 a.m.

Residents began waiting in line as early as midnight for the M1P pop-up, which is being held at the David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute on Thursday and Friday.

The clinic began distributing 1,500 tickets at 7 a.m. for people to return for same-day appointments and, according to the Scarborough Civic Action Network, all available tickets had been given out by 9:45 a.m.

Unfortunately, this is far from an isolated incident.

The vaccination rollout in Scarborough has been something of a disaster since the beginning, as the area has a high concentration of COVID-19 cases and essential workers, yet not enough vaccines to quickly and effectively innoculate all those who want one.

Pop-up clinics for the M1G, M1J and M1L postal codes in Scarborough have seen similar lineups in the past two weeks, and demand for doses continues to outstrip supply.