Google's Very Unflattering Image Of Scarborough Has Got Torontonians Talking


For a lot of people, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Toronto is the CN Tower or an amazing view of Lake Ontario. When you Google other areas of the GTA, too, you get some beautiful images. But it seems Scarborough has got the short end of the stick.

UPDATE: On Wednesday, November 20, Toronto Mayor John Tory tweeted to thank Google for "taking quick action to resolve the Scarborough photo issue."

Googling the name of the area no longer appears to bring up the unflattering photo.

Tory added: "Scarborough is a wonderful part of Toronto."

EARLIER: If you search the name of the area of Toronto on Google, you'd probably expect and hope for a nice picture of the Scarborough Bluffs, right? No.

Failing that, how about a nice shot of the recognizable Scarborough Town Centre? Nah.

Toronto Zoo with all its exotic animals and open spaces? Nope.

What you get is a busted-down house. 

Deemed as the perfect picture to illustrate Scarborough in all its glory is an under-renovation house which collapsed back in February 2019.

As you can see from that article, the photo in question was actually taken by a Global News photojournalist to show the extent of the damage.Now, it's the very first picture that pops up when Googling Scarbs. We have to say, the removal of the context of the photo seems to have puzzled a lot of people.

Torontonians on Reddit joined in to discuss the matter and, clearly, some of the people who reside in the Scarborough area are not at all pleased.

In fact, some seem pretty offended and are insisting the area is not getting the recognition it actually deserves.