Canadian Coast Guard seasonal rescue stations resume operation across Quebec


Québec, Quebec - The Canadian Coast Guard announces the opening of its seasonal Inshore Rescue Boat stations in Saint-Zotique, Vaudreuil (Lac des Deux Montagnes), Beaconsfield, Longueuil, Sorel and Trois-Rivières. These stations will resume regular operations on May 27, 2020 at noon. They will continue until September 2, 2020 during the week, and until September 27, 2020 on weekends.

We remind boaters that public health officials’ guidance on physical distancing should be applied on the water. Where recreational boating is allowed, boaters must continue to follow guidance healthl authorities to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Search and rescue is an essential service. During a search and rescue response, crew members are required to work in very close proximity to each other. If members of the public encounter search and rescue crews, please notify them of any symptoms that align with COVID-19. During regular operations, crews are taking all precautions to work at further distances from each other, in line with the advice of health professionals.

The Canadian Coast Guard recommends that you wear your life jacket at all times. For more tips, consult the Safe boating Guide on Transport Canada website.