Davpart Proposes 12-Storey Rental Building on Keele North of Wilson


Earlier this month, developer Davpart submitted a rezoning application to the City of Toronto seeking permission to build a mid-rise on Keele Street north of Victory Drive in the Downsview area of North York. The redevelopment proposal would bring nearly 300 apartments to the neighbourhood, more than replacing the 54 existing units on site.

The L-shaped site is located at 2808 and 2810 Keele Street, a block and a half north of Wilson on the west side, and immediately adjacent to Quadcam's 'The 2800' which was completed in early 2018. Currently, the site is occupied by a 4-storey rental apartment building and 1-storey single detached dwelling, both of which would be demolished. The developer is looking to construct a 12-storey apartment building facing Keele Street, and a 3-storey semi-detached building facing Victory Drive.

The Turner Fleischer-designed mid-rise apartment building is “L” shaped itself, with its north-south extension creating a strong street wall to the east framing Keele Street, a designated ‘Avenue’ as per the City’s Official Plan. The apartment building’s ground floor lobby space and live/work units are oriented towards this street edge, which will animate the public realm and provide potential spill-out opportunities at grade. The live/work units feature a flexible space design that could be converted into commercial units as the community’s needs change over time.

The proposal offers a total residential Gross Floor Area of 22,923 m² and a density 3.44 (FSI) times the lot area.

Of the 290 dwelling units are 288 apartments, including 54 rental replacement units and 4 live/work units, as well as 2 semi-detached (3-bedroom) dwelling units. The mix of suites includes 6 studio units (2%), 125 one-bedrooms (43%), 129 two-bedrooms (45%), 26 three-bedrooms (9%), and 2 four-bedroom units (0.7%).

A total of 630.0 m² of indoor amenity space is featured on floors 1 and 11. The larger of the two spaces opens up to a rooftop terrace to create synergies between indoor and outdoor space. It is oriented away from Keele Street, improving privacy and reducing adverse noise effects.