Toronto Millennials Apparently Need To Save Up For Another Lifetime To Own A House


If you're a Toronto millennial and you want to own a house, you should've been making nearly $200,000 a year before you were born.

That's according to a new report from the National Bank of Canada (NBC), released on May 4, which breaks down house prices in Toronto and calculates how long it takes to save up for a down payment on condos and non-condos in various Canadian cities.

The NBC reported that buying the average Toronto down payment on a house or non-condo would take an enormous 24.75 years (or 297 months) while on $183,594 yearly household income and putting away 10% each month.

Buying a Toronto condo isn't that much cheaper now, the NBC said; a Toronto household needs to make $125,202 each year and save up for 51 months to snag a down payment according to the data.

But Toronto isn't even the most expensive city on the list — that honour goes to Vancouver, where residents have to save up for over 30 years to put a down payment on a non-condo.