The Famous "Cake Boss" Bakery Just Launched 3 Vending Machines In Toronto


Toronto just got three brand new ATM's, but they aren't dispensing money. These ATM's are filled with something much sweeter than cash, and you won't be able to walk past one without drooling. These contraptions are brimming with giant slices of world-renowned cake. Next time you're wandering through the city, you can treat yourself to a piece of colourful dessert courtesy of the famous Cake Boss. Toronto's Cake Boss vending machines are dispensing delicious slices of Buddy Valastro's iconic treats.

If you have a sweet tooth, you may indulge in the reality television show Cake Boss from time to time. The series follows chef Buddy Valastro as he cooks up some insane cake masterpieces. 

Until recently, the Valastro's sweet creations were unavailable in Canada. Now, we no longer have to cross the border to get our hands on the Cake Boss's divine slices. 

Three cake vending machines have popped up in Toronto by surprise. Each machine carries up to one-hundred-and-sixty slices and eight full cakes, all from Valastro's famous Carlo's Bakery.

The vending machines are located in the Toronto PATH at Richmond-Adelaide Centre, Royal Bank Plaza, and Waterpark Place. They are restocked daily during the week to guarantee the freshest, spongiest slices.

You can indulge in some of the Cake Boss's most popular creations, such as Rainbow, Red Velvet, Chocolate Fudge, and Carrot at the push of a button.

Each slice retails for $8.99, and full cakes range from $39.99 - $49.99.