These are the most expensive condos that sold in Toronto in the past year


The real estate market in Toronto has skyrocketed over the past year, with prices everywhere soaring to never-before-seen highs. When it comes to the most expensive condos that have traded hands in Toronto, the numbers get even more jaw-dropping.

Despite the economic uncertainty, the pandemic brought for many Torontonians, the luxury market is as hot as it ever was. To get a peek at just how high the market has soared, put together a list of the three most expensive condo sales that have taken place in Toronto over the past year.

Not only have these condos sold for several million dollars each, but one in particular, located inside 1 Roxborough Street East, set the record this month for the most expensive condo per sq ft to ever sell in Toronto. It also sold in less than two months, which for luxury properties (where the buyer pool is much smaller) is relatively quick.

So if you’ve ever wondered how the other half (with extremely deep pockets) lives, here are the three most expensive condos that have sold within the last year.